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AGA History

Discover the fascinating story of the iconic AGA cooker.

Christmas Pudding AGA Advertisment

The image of the young girl and her first Christmas pudding all relate the product to the family values and the ease of use of the iconic AGA cooker.  

Nov, 02

AGAstocracy Advertisment

“Join the AGAstocracy… and make life bed of roses.” – this old AGA advertisement appeals to a certain desired lifestyle and presents the product as a key  ingredient for luxury living.

Nov, 01

Mother and Daughter by the AGA advertisement

This vintage advertisement’s concept is conveying not only the message of family values but also about how clean and safe the cooker is illustrated by the image of the kid leaning on the stove with […]

Oct, 29

Iron Age Woman Advertisment

2001 Advert The iconic ‘Iron Age’ advertising campaign was rolled out in 2001 and continued in one form or another until 2007. MNC of Hale, Cheshire created the concept and the ads.

Oct, 28

Electric Blue AGA

Advertisement for the revealing of the 30 amp Electric Blue AGA.

Oct, 27

Lady in White AGA Advertisement

Although from a different period we can again see the appeal for aristocratic living and for the immaculate look of the AGA cooker.

Oct, 26

1970s Advertisement

Trip down memory lane with this AGA picture from the 1970s.

Oct, 25


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