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From Factory to Facebook – Archive Conference

Yesterday I had the pleasure to attend a conference held by The International Council on Archives. The main focus was on new ways to engage with business archives. I found the whole experience fascinating and inspirational. I especially liked the presentations of Roy Edwards from University of Southampton, Richard Whistle from London Metropolitan Archives, Ted Ryan from Coca Cola and Andrea Tanner from Fortnum & Manson. Real-life business examples mixed with the challenges of the archivist and original ways to utilise and share your corporate history were the highlights of the event. Although being relatively new in the filed but filled with tones of enthusiasm, it was nice to discover I could relate to many of the stories told.  It reminded me of my first touch with the AGA history and my research reading through the minute books of Allied Ironfounders and AGA Heat – the two companies predecessors of AGA Rangemaster Group plc. I recalled the excitement and sense of triumph discovering a key moment in the corporate history, a famous name or beautiful vintage advertisement.

To learn more about the conference follow the link.

Photograph of one of the AGA Rangemaster Archive minute books:

Photographs of Fortnum and Manson I’ve taken during my first visit of London:

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