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A heart-warming story

AGA Rangemaster traces the history of home to home heating.
The uncovering of further documents relating to the history of the Group has led to the production of a publication entitled  ‘AGA-Rayburn: A heart-warming story‘.

I am glad to announce that the world-famous range cooker and home heating products manufacturer launched its new publication, AGA-Rayburn: A heart-warming story. It gives insight of how the appearance of the post war cookers and home heating appliances transformed and modernised the classic British family home.

In 2011, AGA Rangemaster entered into a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) with Birmingham City University to establish  a digital gallery of selected archive material charting the development of the AGA Rangemaster businesses. The digital archive is to be donated to the new Birmingham City Library. This latest publication is the result of further research into the development of its core home heating and range cooking products.

Rayburn Booklet

Key points included in the book are:
• The Otto Stove – a revolutionary stove designed by the American designer Carl Otto.
• The Rayburn cooker – named after Dr.Raeburn, the person behind the ‘Dig for Victory’ campaign in World War II.
• The bright interdisciplinary team who created the post war AGA, Rayburn and Stanley cooking and heating products:
• Design: Raymond Loewy, Carl Otto
• Engineering: Douglas Scott, Charles Scott
• Advertising: David and Charles Ogilvy

The story reveals the relationship between Dr.John Raeburn, the man behind the ‘Dig for victory’ campaign in World War II, and naming of the Rayburn cooker which brand philosophy embraces the same values of healthy living.


Another point of interest is the collective genius of the interdisciplinary team working on the cooking and heating products of the company. Names like Raymond Loewy, Douglas Scott and Carl Otto speak for themselves. Even more interesting is the mysterious figure of the CEO – W.T.Wren, A World War II spy and founder of Allied Ironfounders, who was able to manage and direct their creative energy towards a common goal which transformed the British households in the post-war years and modernised the British kitchen.

Rayburn Booklet

The booklet was presented on 8th June at the ‘Hearth and Home Exhibition’ in Harrogate.

Today AGA, Rayburn and Stanley have not lost any appeal to the homeowner, even eighty years on from the dating of these AGA archives; a sign that the company has moved with the times to ensure the success of its product. Homeowners looking to create a warm welcome home will find a variety of models online to suit their cooking and home heating needs, including the AGA Total Control as well as wood-burning stoves.

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