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AGA – historic view of the cooking inspiration

In short – all the cookbooks with delicious recipes written by those blessed with an AGA.

At the launch of the AGA City60 and AGA London I received a copy of the book ‘Sweetness and light‘ personally signed by Daisy Lowe. This inspired me to make a compilation of some of the books which have been written by AGA celebrity chefs, food writers and AGA demonstrators throughout the years.

The list is quite impressive and dates back to 1933 when Ambrose Heath’s ‘Good food on the AGA‘ book comes out. Ambrose was a renowned food writer trusted by millions of British cooks. A big fan of the AGA cooker, in the 1930s he joined AGA Heat Ltd’s pioneering Cookery Advisory Department as Gastronomical advisor. You can learnĀ  more about his story in the book ‘How the AGA became and icon‘. A curious fact I discovered later is that the endpapers of the 1933 block-printed linen furnishing fabric edition of ‘Good food on the AGA’ were designed by William Bernard Adeney. This adds another talented illustrator to the AGA family along with Edward Bawden.

The pattern designed by William Bernard Adeney.

Among the contemporary food writers you will find names like Mary Berry, Louise Walker, Lucy Young, Laura James, Richard Maggs, Hannah Miles and many, many more.

Here you can find some AGA recipes from the 1930s. And if you feel inspired why not try our recipe section on the AGA website.

Have your own AGA recipe passed from generations? A favorite AGA cookbook? Feel free to share your AGA story with me.

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