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The Stanley Tradition

Today I would like to reveal more about the history of the Stanley and hopefully add some spice to the already existing knowledge about this traditional brand.

With restrictions on exports of British goods to Ireland before the World War II, Allied Ironfounders set up a sister foundry to that in Livingstone in Waterford and called the products Stanley. Stanley quickly built a reputation for stoves  and cookers. In the 1940s and 1950s it was also producing Rayburn cookers.

In the 1950′s– some Aga, Rayburn and Stanley’s ‘Truburn’ range cookers were made alongside each other in Waterford over the years for the Irish market and much photographic evidence still exists in Waterford, of Rayburn cookers being built on assembly lines at Bilberry.

During the 1960’s the Waterford site was sold and evolved through the decades to become Waterford Stanley in the early 1980’s.

In 2005 Waterford Stanley was re-acquired by the AGA Rangemaster Group, once again reuniting the AGA, Rayburn, Falcon and Stanley families. Part of the plan was to re-activate the solid fuel tradition. The old Waterford Bilbury foundry had already closed, the site was then sold and operations moved to a new facility in Waterford. As the Irish(Celtic) tiger disappeared, households had to cut costs and suddenly the idea of efficient, cheap to run, locally made products seemed absolutely the right thing. The Irish stove market boomed as the economic recession hit. The Group set about once more creating a new product offering attuned to the times.

The technology of wood-burning efficiency with low emission levels was refined. As it had in the 1930s a specialist engineering resource was set up to produce products able to meet ever more stringent EU regulations and have the design style that has always been a feature of the brands.

2010 and 2011 saw Stanley’s stove business increase by 30% and 35% respectively with the new Cara insert and Reginald stoves contributing 100% of the incremental growth in 2011.  To facilitate the increase in stoves sales,  Waterford Stanley was appointed a ‘Center of excellence for stoves‘ within the AGA Rangemaster Group which means that all new product development, efficiency testing and all expertise for Stanley and AGA stoves stems from Waterford.

Now, as in the post war years, the aim is to take these products to international markets including France, North America and Australia – often reactivating memories of a former style of life now reset to be relevant to life today. The warm welcome home is timeless.

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