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Truburn Cooker by Allied Ironfounders

Along with Stanley and Rayburn cookers the foundry in Waterford  and the  Dobbie Forbes foundry used to manufacture similar type of cookers called Truburn.  They were all branded under the Allied Ironfounders brand. Truburns also heated the home along with providing hot water and ensuring perfectly cooked meals. My research identified that they were also exported and sold in Australia in the 1950s as did the Rayburn cookers which were one of the most popular cooking ranges there at that time.

In a newspaper advertisement saved  in the on-line archive of the National Library of Australia we read: “The Truburn is a real money saver, cuts your fuel bill to rock bottom and does three jobs in one. Cooks, heats and provides hot water throughout your home. Ideal for city or country use. Manufactured by the makers of the famous Rayburn cooker, to two sizes.

There were two models of the Truburn cooker:

No.1 Truburn suitable for up to 6 persons with a boiler output of 80,000 BTUs (23.5KW) in 24 hrs continuous burning.

No. 2 Truburn suitable for up to 8 persons with a boiler output of 90,000 BTUs (26KW) in 24 hrs continuous burning.

Both models were offered with either Left Hand or Right Hand single oven, with the availability of an oven thermometer as an extra. The appliance was also available without a boiler.

Similar to its sister-brands Rayburn and AGA, the Truburn cooker also increased the value of any property it had been fitted in.

If you are curious to see a restored Truburn cooker you can follow this link.


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