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AGA – The Iron Age Campaign

The Iron Age AGA campaign rolled out in 2001 appealing to young, urban professionals who enjoy cooking and would like modern, yet homey kitchen. The campaign which continued to 2007 was featured in lifestyle magazines such as ‘Wallpaper’ and ‘Red’. The photographs show ‘The Iron Age Woman’, ‘The Iron Age Man’ and ‘The Iron Age Family’.

This is one of my favourite AGA campaigns for several reasons. Similarly to the AGA City60 Advertising campaign currently running, I  feel it appeals to people like me – currently developing their career, embracing all that’s new and innovative and at the same time wishing to create this warm and welcome home of their own. I can probably add one personal argument that’s not so relevant to the advertising campaign on focus, but still completely relevant when it comes to the argument of having an AGA in the city: I have a cat, and we all know cats love AGA.

Now, jokes apart, ‘Iron AGA’ campaign is strong on many levels. First, it plays with the message of the cast iron make of the AGA – a prime feature which provides the radiant-heat cooking, ensures the home is warm and the food is healthy and delicious. Second, the modern look, the mischievous smile of the main characters work very well for the message – message completely opposite to the usual use of the phrase ‘sent back to the Iron Age’. It’s a revolution, a new era, and the referral to the Iron Age in these advertisements speaks about the freedom to enjoy life in a more liberated way – and that’s why their hair is messy and they are eating with their hands. It’s a triumph of the feeling of intimacy and comfort you can afford only when you feel truly at home.

And I can easily relate to the characters of the ‘Iron Age’ AGA campaign. I am sure you can too.

AGA_Man AGA_Modern AGA_Family

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