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Letter from an AGA owner

AGA1930s_homeSince I have found nothing quite like it on the web or in your published archives I thought you might like to know about our AGA.

It was in the house when my parents came here in 1955.  As best as I can see, it is probably a LBD from the early 1930′s but it has some unique features such as the hotplate knobs and the dropdown doors on the heating ovens.  Indeed I have found nothing at all describing a four door AGA prior to 1936…

As you can see from the photos, the kettles are also AGA products which probably came with it when it was new, we have a full set of pans too.

My mother (b. 1933) says she always thought it was about the same age as her, she was right.

Before we moved back into this house we lived for 26 years in another house on the farm with an oil converted Model E. Despite having to clean the burner every 3 months or so, it was convenient to run, and at one time I came close to converting this one to oil for my parents.  I’m glad I didn’t because when oil prices went stratospheric whereas coal seems to have stayed reasonably economical.

I stand corrected on our kettles and pans, they are not from the 1930′s but were a wedding present to my parents from my mother’s Aunt Betty; my mother remembers going to the AGA shop in London to choose them.  That was in 1955 or early 56 and I think we more-or-less still have the full set.

I suppose it is rather remarkable that the thing is still running perfectly after c.82 years of continuous use.  Besides sweeping the chimney annually, it needs no other maintenance.

There’s no reason to think it won’t continue to run perfectly for many years to come, we love it.





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